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Crawl Space Repair Costs - A Smart Investment to Make in a Home

On one hand, one could argue that the net costs to fix a crawl space is zero, since it saves money each month in energy costs, and you avoid costly rot and mold repairs. In fact you could say it doesn't cost, it pays, since you will eventually save more than it costs.

Nevertheless, there is an investment up front to have the work done, and the savings accrues over time. For a 1500 square foot crawl space you can expect to pay about $9,000 for a solution involving concrete, and about $5,300 for one using a plastic liner. There are variables to consider. The size of your crawl space, the height of your crawl space, how much drainage work you may or may not need, the sump, the battery back-up pump, and dehumidification are all things that will change what you can expect to pay.

One thing is for sure. You can't justify what you paid for your home and then say it's okay to let the conditions in your crawl space threaten the investment in your home. Fixing your crawl space properly is probably the smartest home repair you’ll ever make.

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